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Classroom Management with Bouncy Balls


Classroom Management can be tough. Often students need visual cues to help them stay on track. Bouncy Balls is a fun way to allow students to help monitor the noise in your classroom. Bouncy Balls works especially well during small groups, workshops, cooperative learning, literature circles or other group activities. Use it with your staff in faculty meetings! Project the site your interactive whiteboard and the students will manage themselves. Just a quick tip: You may want to allow some time during indoor recess to allow some practice time. Students are always fascinated when you first use this site, so you will want to do this a couple of times to be prepared for instructional use!

Bouncy Balls is a website that activates your microphone and detects the noise level. The more noise in the room, the more the balls bounce. The quieter the room is, the more still the balls remain. While this tool has a number of applications outside of classroom management, it is a fun and engaging way to monitor noise levels. Ask students to try to keep the balls as still as possible during class, reward them by allowing them to sing and be noisy when they complete a task.

Students also love being able to select the variety of ball images available. The Emoji balls are always a hit. At Halloween we love to use the Eyeballs. Bubbles are fun too. Change it up or let your students choose. Enjoy Bouncy Balls in your classroom today!