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When I first used Edmodo, it made me think of free access to Blackboard for public schools. Edmodo is a social learning platform for students, teachers and parents. It was originally marketed as Facebook for schools. I always thought of it as much more than that.  Teachers can set up their classrooms, even small groups within the classroom, to facilitate online learning. The best part is that it is secure and the teacher has full control.

Edmodo is a web-based platform that provides a safe and easy way for your class to connect and collaborate, share content, and access homework, grades and school notices. Edmodo explicitly addresses concern about social networking for students in the following ways:

  • Each edmodo class group is managed and controlled by the teacher
  • Students need an access code to join the class. If a

Three Ring

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Three Ring

Need a site to easily create a digital portfolio for your students? Three Ring is the answer!

Tree Ring unlocks the power of your mobile phone or iPad. Three Ring allows you to build a community around your students. You can connect students, parents, other teachers, even administrators around student artifacts. Three Ring builds security and permissions in it’s program so you can create a means of communication around your student’s work and artifacts. You can even share exemplar products to help communicate the rigor and relevance of your assignments to all stakeholders.

Now it’s easy for teachers and students to document evidence from the classroom. Capture anything, regardless of format, in just seconds.

  • Take a picture of any paper, drawing, or board work.
  • Record presentations or discussions with audio or video.
  • Students can upload their own work


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Diigo is a social annotation and networking service and has been around since 2005. The folks at Diigo are constantly working to keep up with the evolution of the internet, making their service continually improving for their users. They are free for beginning users and offer a freemium platform for upgrades. Their service is well worth their low fees and they offer several plans for your specific needs.

Diigo lets you browse the internet with annotation tools. You can add digital highlighters and sticky notes whether on any device and have them always be where you left them when you return! Print to mark-up? No longer necessary. Better recall? Proven! Create reports with your annotations? just a few clicks, and no more copy & paste into Word or email. This is a revolutionary tool for anyone who uses the …

Random Name Picker

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Teachers like to make sure they are equitable when calling on students. Some draw Popsicle sticks with students names from a jar, others use clothespins. This digital tool is fun and engaging for all of your students!


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Brain Breaks with GoNoodle

GoNoodle is a free website where teachers can find the brain breaks they need to motivate students and help channel energy throughout the day!

With increasingly demanding lessons and testing preparations, many teachers employ the use of “brain breaks”. Brain Breaks are short bursts of physical activity that can be practiced throughout the day to improve student focus, engagement, and happiness! Educators have learned that regularly incorporating short movement activities into the instructional day not only allows children to get their ‘wiggles’ out, but energizes them and increases their ability to focus on the next learning activity as well. In addition, brain breaks are a great way to manage the stresses that come with rainy or cold weather indoor recess days.

GoNoodle’s online brain breaks provide teachers with an easy and fun way to keep …

Bouncy Balls

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Classroom Management with Bouncy Balls

Classroom Management can be tough. Often students need visual cues to help them stay on track. Bouncy Balls is a fun way to allow students to help monitor the noise in your classroom. Bouncy Balls works especially well during small groups, workshops, cooperative learning, literature circles or other group activities. Use it with your staff in faculty meetings! Project the site your interactive whiteboard and the students will manage themselves. Just a quick tip: You may want to allow some time during indoor recess to allow some practice time. Students are always fascinated when you first use this site, so you will want to do this a couple of times to be prepared for instructional use!

Bouncy Balls is a website that activates your microphone and detects the noise level. The more noise in …