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Zeal is developing the world’s first social learning system, enabling teachers to teach their highest and lowest achieving students automatically. Zeal believes that instead of students having to go to a physical place to learn, they will be able to learn anything, anywhere, at any time from each other.

Great Assessments

With 10,000 Common Core assessment items, Zeal gives you the power to understand how your class is doing every day.  With 30-60 minutes per day of Zeal, you will have a clear picture of how each student is doing.  End of year assessments are not useful to you to figure out what students need, getting that information every day changes what is possible in your classroom.

Powerful Analytics

Zeal’s tools for analyzing your students’ efforts, achievement, and progress are second to none.  Zeal’s planning dashboard can show you


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Kahoot! is an awesome tool teachers and students are falling in love with! This game based system motivates our classrooms and is backed by academic research in blended learning. Used as a hybrid of face to face and traditional learning, Kahoot! brings a great learning platform to classrooms that helps educators motivate and involve students in questioning, discussing, and surveying! It is one of the most user friendly platforms I have run across in some time. The snapshots and long term tracking help educators make just in time adjustments in teaching. This is a super digital tool for formative assessment. Kahoot! has also recently released a way for teachers to instantly “kick” inappropriate student nicknames from the lobby screen. Kahoot! is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable learning environment.…