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LessonCast is teacher founded & classroom tested. Inspired by Teacher Learners.

Picture this. A new teacher, Eric, drops in on an experienced teacher, Jeanette, at the beginning of his planning period. Eric explains that he’s having a challenge with a particular learning objective and a particular group of students and asks for a few minutes of Jeanette’s time and advice. Jeanette is a phenomenal mentor teacher, and – to his amazement – she shares the clearest, most succinct and powerful explanation he’s ever heard. She covers the most important elements of designing instruction particularly for his students’ needs, what things to watch for, a few if-then scenarios, and follows it up with handouts that she’s used and that he can customize for his students. In three minutes he has what he needs to spend the rest of his planning period applying that advice to planning great instruction for his classroom and his students. He’s just experienced a lessoncast.

This scenario actually happens every day across tens of thousands of classrooms. The problem is that every Eric doesn’t have a Jeanette readily available when he could really use some advice. A lessoncast digitizes and scales Jeanette’s expertise. And the Lessoncast process guides a new way of thinking about teacher preparation and professional learning.