Professional Development

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Training is at the very heart of everything we do. Our training is delivered by experienced staff, every one of them  teachers and practitioners. They aim to get staff proficient in a specific area and really start to ‘Think Different’ in order to make a real, meaningful impact on teaching and learning.

Our training consists of ‘on demand’ customized training according to the school needs – but the biggest impact comes from a sustained program of training. Short bursts of training with real, meaningful take-aways across the academic year. This allows you to plan within the school calendar and build the program into the School Development Plan. Every school starts with our core aims and objectives and we plan training according to the unique needs of each school.



We have a variety of areas in which we will customize training to the specific needs of your school:

  • Using iPad in the Classroom
  • Integrating the Internet with Laptops and Tablets
  • Building Capacity of Teachers
  • Creating a Psychologically Safe School for All Stakeholders
  • Transformation Teams
  • Professional Learning Communities and CASA groups
  • Guided Reading the Right Way
  • Double Dose: Pushing In not Pulling Out
  • Speaking and Listening: Academic Discourse
  • The Big Picture: Helping all Stakeholders See More than Themselves