Three Ring

by / Friday, 26 December 2014 / Published in Classroom Management, Common Core

Three Ring

Need a site to easily create a digital portfolio for your students? Three Ring is the answer!

Tree Ring unlocks the power of your mobile phone or iPad. Three Ring allows you to build a community around your students. You can connect students, parents, other teachers, even administrators around student artifacts. Three Ring builds security and permissions in it’s program so you can create a means of communication around your student’s work and artifacts. You can even share exemplar products to help communicate the rigor and relevance of your assignments to all stakeholders.

Now it’s easy for teachers and students to document evidence from the classroom. Capture anything, regardless of format, in just seconds.

  • Take a picture of any paper, drawing, or board work.
  • Record presentations or discussions with audio or video.
  • Students can upload their own work from any mobile device or computer.

It just takes a few minutes to set up your organizational system and you never have to worry again. The search engine allows you to find any combination of artifacts whenever you need them.

  • Classify work automatically as you add it to Three Ring.
  • Tag work by Common Core Standard, unit, assignment type, or however you like.
  • Find anything in a snap with Three Ring’s speedy and elegant search engine.

Three Ring gives teachers a way to capture, store, and organize data in real time that I can use to assess how my students doing and make plans as to what you need to do as a teacher.