Get Chatty With Google Voice

Get Chatty with Google Voice in your Classroom

Google Voice was introduced in 2009 and has become another integral part of a teacher’s digital toolkit. Initially there was not intent of this being a viable classroom tool. With a little creativity, teachers have embraced it as a new learning tool in their classrooms.

Students can create messages without the need for a computer or microphone. They can phone in from a cell phone or landline and leave a recorded or text message. Messages can be emailed, downloaded as .mp3 files, or embedded in web sites using the included html code.

Ideas are endless for this innovative tool.

  • Learners can phone in a summary of what they have read.
  • They can phone in problems they may have with math homework.
  • They can leave messages throughout a field trip documenting what they have learned.
  • They can leave a character message from a book they have read.
  • Use messages to record a podcast.
  • Use the phone in your classroom as a language arts center.
  • Let students text a response to a scientific inquiry.