iPad Apps (The Padagogy Wheel)


iPads in Education
Everything you need to teach anything.
Apps that delight. Books that captivate. Videos that inspire. A world of learning possibilities awaits in every iPad. Who knew you could fit so much knowledge into a device so thin and light?

The App Store gives you endless ways to help students learn new concepts and express their creativity. Let your class explore the properties of magnesium with an interactive periodic table of elements. Teach young readers new words with an app that turns word-building into a game. Or find a digital painting app to make art anywhere without brushes or paint. You can find study aid apps built specifically for drills and practice. And apps that complement different learning styles. Whatever you’re teaching, apps help you do what you do best — inspire students to think in new ways.

There is a Growing List of iPad Apps for Education. Many districts are rolling out 1-1 iPads for their students, but lack the know how in BEST PRACTICES for use of iPads in classrooms. It is important to consider training teachers when rolling out devices. Unfortunately, this component of the roll out often makes 1-1 iPad deployment unsuccessful. It is easily avoidable. Check out our contact page to set up your iPad staff development today!

 Productivity       Reference  Creativity Subject Specific  Misc.
 DropBox  World Book  SonicPics Lite (iPhone)  3D Brain  Shazam
 GoodReader  Dictionary  Postcard Lite  Periodic Table  Pandora
 iWork  HistoryMaps  PhotoPad (Photo editing)  Brain Pop  USA Today
 Evernote  Google Earth  Dragon Dictation  Weather Channel  ABC
 Google (Google Form)  iBooks  Quick Voice  Etextbooks  Toy Story (digital book)
 Skype/AIM  Kindle  Strip Designer (.99)  Constitution  Alice Lite
 ThatQuiz.org  NPR  Reel Director (2.99)  My Congress  TED
 Jumbo Calculator  Science Dictionary  Virtuoso (piano keyboard)  Planets  Puppet Pals
 Huddle  Museum of London  Comic Touch Lite  APOD (Astronomy Pic of Day)
 PrintCentral (9.99)  Draw  GeoSky Watch
 Dragon Dictate  Lifecards  Molecules
 QuickieQ.com (web not app)  Filterstorm (photo editing)  PocketCAS Lite (Graphing Calc)
 iTalk Lite  SketchBook Pro  Quick Graph
 Air Display  DoodleBuddy  3D Sun
 Art Studio  Brain Tutor 3D