Using A Computer

Parts of the Computer

By now, computers are a part of almost everyone's daily life. Computers are powerful tools that we use to do many different things. If you are a kindergartener or an adult, there are some basic parts of a computer that you should familiarize yourself with. 

Not all computers are the same. A desktop computer is meant to be used on a table or desk. A laptop or notebook is a smaller computer that can be carried with you wherever you go. But the different types of a computer share the same basic parts. The parts of the computer you can touch is called computer hardware.

Some hardware lets you put things in the computer.

The keyboard allows you to type in the computer.

The mouse lets you point and click on different things on your screen.

A scanner can copy things like documents and send them into the computer.

A web cam (camera) can put pictures and video directly in the computer. So can other digital cameras and digital video recorders.

A microphone can record music or sound into your computer.

Some hardware lets you get things out of the computer.

Printers put information on paper.

Speakers put out sound so you can listen.

Digital audio recorders let you get and keep sound out of the computer.

A modem sends out and takes in information.

The CPU which stands for Central Processing Unit is the actual brain of the computer which tells the other parts what to do.

Like your brain, the computer has memory which stores information.

The monitor lets you see what the computer tells you.

The CPU holds a hard drive that keeps a lot of information. It stores most of your files.

The hard drive also stores your software.