100 People: A World Portrait

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100 People: A World Portrait

Global Studies lesson plans included!

“While living in Paris, I received an e-mail from my friend and fellow filmmaker Isabel Sadurni entitled, “If the World Were 100 People.” It offered an accurate description of the world population proportionally represented by 100 individuals (1:62.5 million), based on criteria such as age, nationality, gender, religion, and language. We both found the statistics describing the present state of our humanity on the planet both stunning, and deeply moving. We then asked ourselves, what do we really know about the people with whom we share the planet and why should we care about them, or more to the point, how do we express our care? We recognized that as a result of looking at the world population as a village of 100 people, we could better come to know our world neighbors, we could gain greater understanding of some of the issues that affect the planet we all share, and we could learn more about what it means to be a global citizen. We were determined to identify and meet these 100 people. We immediately began researching the source of the concept as well as how we might realize this concept in visual form as a film, book, traveling audio/video installation and educational curriculum.”

The curriculum can be found at this website and has an amazing variety of lessons including Essential Questions.