21st Century Skills should be infused into core curriculum in all classrooms throughout the school day. Teachers should promote, support and model creative and innovative thinking through technology-enriched environments. The use of digital tools emphasizes discovery through applying, finding, assessing, synthesizing and utilizing information. Teacher and student access to course content is enhanced by electronic sources within a media-rich environment. The team at US Digital Literacy develops and supports technology resources and professional development to enhance the teaching-learning process.

toolkitDigital Toolkits are created for teachers to be able to have a variety of organized technology resources available at their fingertips. Teachers need a place to go to access digital resources in an efficient capacity in order to make the process of integration less time consuming achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. That’s what our team here at US Digital Literacy has attempted to do.

Our Digital Toolkits provide information, support, tools, ideas, models, research, and a community of practice for educators interested in using flexible computer technologies to reach and teach diverse learners. While not all the resources we share here at US Digital Literacy are free, we do try to share resources that are affordable as educators always face limited budgets. We also try to test all the sites and apps that we recommend. Digital Toolkits provide engaging content and software options for teachers and students for how they obtain information and/or how they express their understanding. They are designed to enhance the educational process.


An important piece of using digital tools is making sure you have the infrastructure in place to support software, internet browsers, and apps you want to use. Also, check your schools internet speed! School Speed Test

Most of the pages you visit on this site have our favorite links listed to the related content of that page somewhere on the page. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page as some of our toolkits are waiting for you there. Our goal is to categorize trends in 21st Century Education and strategically give you a one stop shop for that particular area of interest. Please use our contact us page to let us know if you find a broken or redirected link. This will help us stay on top of all the information and links we provide in this website as a free service to you. US Digital Literacy wants to be your digital toolkit and we want you to return here often AND tell your friends!


EdTech Challenge

EDTECH Challenge

To use with your district, create a copy of this spreadsheet & have teachers respond to questions between each section of the video:

PART ONE: Learning that Technology is Not a Silver Bullet (8:45)

PART TWO: Learning How to Ask the Right Questions (6:27)

PART THREE: Learning How to Become a Productivity Machine (6:20)

PART FOUR: Learning that Change Occurs when People Work Together (8:37)