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Diigo.com is a social annotation and networking service and has been around since 2005. The folks at Diigo are constantly working to keep up with the evolution of the internet, making their service continually improving for their users. They are free for beginning users and offer a freemium platform for upgrades. Their service is well worth their low fees and they offer several plans for your specific needs.

Diigo lets you browse the internet with annotation tools. You can add digital highlighters and sticky notes whether on any device and have them always be where you left them when you return! Print to mark-up? No longer necessary. Better recall? Proven! Create reports with your annotations? just a few clicks, and no more copy & paste into Word or email. This is a revolutionary tool for anyone who uses the internet.

Diigo also lets you build your personal library in the cloud. You can save your links, pages, notes, pictures etc, never to be lost, and ready to be accessed anywhere. Your digital highlights, sticky notes and screenshots that you added while on the web automatically go into your library.You really don’t need paper and pencil any more with this great web tool! Diigo archives the webpages for the links you save. Better yet, the archived pages are fully searchable. So do not just bookmark, save to Diigo.

Diigo is a great tool for students and teachers. Teachers can provide feedback and catch attention with annotation or screenshots. Want to comment on a student’s writing? Use sticky notes for inline commenting.

If you love to Tweet, you can draw attention to a particular paragraph to your Twitter followers with the highlight and tweet capability.

You can organize, share and collaborate with Diigo.