Walkie Talkies as a Digital Learning Tool

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The great thing about WALKIE TALKIES is the ability to use them as a communication device. Speaking and listening skills are indeed part of COMMON CORE English Language Arts instruction. They are also an important objective for our English Language Learners. This game allows studenst to use a technology medium at recess while practicing those standards. A teacher friend recently shared with me her idea to use Walkie Talkies with some of her elementary students as a communications device. She found a game on www.ehow.com titled:


In this game, which works best with large groups and lots of playing space, all but one player has a walkie-talkie set to the same frequency. The player without the walkie-talkie is designated as the “zombie,” required to “bite” (tag) the “humans” to transform them into zombies. The humans are allowed to use the walkie-talkies to coordinate their avoidance of the zombies, as the zombies are required to switch off their walkie-talkies after being transformed. The game finishes when only one human is left, being named the winner.

We discussed the possibility of changing the name of the game so as not to scare any of the youngsters. We also found other games on the site and brainstormed more. We also discussed the possibility of using them as an ice breaker game for teachers when they return in the fall.

Scavenger Hunts

The possibilities for scavenger hunts are endless. Putting students in teams with walkie talkies adds a great dynamic to the hunt. A simple idea for a walkie scavenger hunt is an alphabet nature game. Students search for a list of A-Z items in nature that you give each team. Teams are split using their walkies to try and hide their findings from others, so they can be the first team to win (find them all).

I remember having walkie talkies when I was about nine years old. It was definitely a very cool “toy”. Using it in school today would be great outdoor fun for students.

The cost is about $500 for a classroom set.