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Zeal is developing the world’s first social learning system, enabling teachers to teach their highest and lowest achieving students automatically. Zeal believes that instead of students having to go to a physical place to learn, they will be able to learn anything, anywhere, at any time from each other.

Great Assessments

With 10,000 Common Core assessment items, Zeal gives you the power to understand how your class is doing every day.  With 30-60 minutes per day of Zeal, you will have a clear picture of how each student is doing.  End of year assessments are not useful to you to figure out what students need, getting that information every day changes what is possible in your classroom.

Powerful Analytics

Zeal’s tools for analyzing your students’ efforts, achievement, and progress are second to none.  Zeal’s planning dashboard can show you how your class is doing as a whole, how each student is doing in a strand across grade levels, and easily sorts and filters to let you see trends that would be hard to spot.

By using Zeal’s planning tools, you will be able to decide whether the upcoming skills you have to teach should be taught whole-class or whether a smaller group would benefit from direct instruction while the rest of the class builds on skills they already understand.

Less Pressure

Common Core is happening now, we are all going to start to be evaluated on student learning on Common core skills.  This is a huge change and many teachers have built years of experience with previous standards.  Because Zeal actively teaches the Common Core, you can use Zeal as a scaffold to learn the new standards yourself and make sure that your students are getting personalized exposure to every skill both at your grade level and for previous grade levels.

Students learn a skill for every 50 questions they answer on average, which takes about an hour.  So with an hour a day between class time and homework for students to work on Zeal, your class can learn the Common Core.