We Give Books

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We Give Books

We Give Books is a wonderfully developed site that offers online books for children, parents, and teachers! From its inception on April 20, 2010, We Give Books has made it possible for individuals who love reading to share books with others, simply by reading a great children’s book themselves.

In the process, We Give Books had the great fortune to work with some of the world’s best literacy organizations, non-profits that include, for example, Room to Read, Jumpstart for Young Children, United Through Reading, and the Harlem Children’s Zone.

Teachers can join for free and have books at their fingertips for read alouds to their students. The bookshelf can be filtered by age range, genre and author. In addition to fiction, We Give Books offers a nice selection of non fiction reads for your students.

American Association of Publishers recognized We Give Books with the 2011 Beacon award and from the looks of their site it was well deserved. Their mission is to provide even more essential reading opportunities to children everywhere. They also provide a platform for children and adults to learn about giving back. This is one that will surely remain in your list of favorites throughout the school year.